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Campus Life – Catering Services

I-Catering Facilities in Akdeniz University

 Central Student Dining Hall

Lunch for university students is provided as a fixed price menu in the main cafeteria within the campus. Students who want to use the main cafeteria pay part of the cost of their meal at a rate which is determined by the Board of Directors of the University, with the rest of the cost subsidised from the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate budget. There is a choice of four main courses each day, and students can use the automation system to pay using their ID cards.

Cards can be bought at the cafeteria to cover meals for periods of fifteen days or one month.


Individual faculties and schools may have canteens or cafeterias where students can eat, rest and relax between lessons.

There are number of shops, restaurants and cafes in the Olbia Cultural Centre and the Yakut Living Area. Food safety and hygiene for all canteens and cafeterias on campus, including those in the student dormitory area, are under the supervision of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.

II-Free Lunch

Following a decision by the Board of Directors of the University, students who are in need of economic support may qualify for free lunch aid. Free lunch aid has been provided by the Social Services of the Chairman of the Health, Culture and Sports Bureau to 5% of the total number of students attending the university during the 2012/2013 academic year.

Students who would like to apply for free lunch aid can find an application form at this location; http://www.akdeniz.edu.tr/

A list of students who are eligible for free lunch aid will be posted on noticeboards provided by the Student Affairs Office, and the Social Services office. Free lunch aid, once granted, is valid for one academic year, and may be renewed every year. Students who are granted free lunch aid and who do not use it will have the right removed, and lose the right to reapply.


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