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Campus Life – Student Communities

Akdeniz University encourages its students to join the 109 different clubs available and to take part in their activities. The aim is to help them to become aware of the social contribution they can make, and the personal development that will follow such as improving their social interaction, becoming individuals who will continue to research, investigate and explore, as well as being productive in finding solutions and sharing them with others.

There is a wide range of clubs in which students can gain experience of group tasks, and where they can meet as members and communicate, share their ideas, carry out research and work together. These clubs are based in the Olbia Cultural Centre, in the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate and in Faculty and School buildings and other parts of the campus.They are all equipped with the internet facilities, computers, and telephones.

  • Communities Which are Affiliated to Cultural Services Branch Office
Africa-Turkish Culture Community (AFROTALYA) KADEM Youth Community
Akdeniz University Theater Community Book Community
Akdeniz Youth Community Critical and Analytical Thinking Community
Scientific Research Community Birdwatching  Community
Woman Research  Community Cave Research Community
Poetry Workshop Community Manavgat Vocational School  Community
Caucasian community Mathematics Community
Korkuteli Vocational School Community Wise Men Community
Natural Sciences Community Debate Community
Ancient Ages Cultures Community Music Comunity
Ar&Ge Community Reading and Strategicl Thinking Community
Ataturkist Thought Community Common Mind Community
Eurasia Research Commuınity Playhouse-Theater Community
Ayşe Sak School of App. Sciences  Community Painting and Handcrafts Community
Turkish Traditional String Instruments Rock Community
Media Press and Broadcasting  Community Art and Handcraft Community
White Stage- Theatre Community Serik Vocational School Community
Computer Community Cinema Community
Conscient Youth Community  Social Assistance and Solidarity  Community
Bonjour Community Agriculture Community
Enliven-Organ Danation Community Technology Transfer Community
Capella Space Community History Community
Labor Relations and Research Community Tourism and Culture  Community
Dance Community TurksAbroad and Related Communities
Literature Community Turkish People  Science Community
Ecology Community Turkish Folk Music Community
Economy Community Turkish Art Music Community
Electric-Electronics Community Turkish Language Community
Philosophy Community International Youth Community
Film House Community International Politics and Diplomacy  Community
Finike Vocational School  Community International Strategic Research Community
Folk Dancing Community International Technical Intern Student Exchange Community
Photography Community Long Life and  Elderly Research Community
Gastronomy Community Creative Arts Community
Young Ideas Community Publication Community
Young Progress  Community Psychological Counselling  Community
Young Quality Community Elmalı Vocational School Community
Food Community Doctors Worldwide Community
Entrepreneurship and Career Khazar Community
Animal Lovers Community National Cultural Community
Law and Culture Community Some Like Theatre- Community
Idealist Students Community Classical Languages and Anatolian Civilizations Community
Theology Values Community Cerebral Research Community
Innovation and Project Development Community Advertising and Organisation Community
Occupational Safety and Health Community BIOTECH- Biotechnology Community
Blood Donation Volunteers Target  25 Community  Mechanic Community
  • Communities Which are Affiliated to Health Services Branch Ofiice
Aviation Community Muay Thai Community
Motor Sports and Traffic Community Orienteering  Community
Badminton Community Roller Skate Community
Bicycle Community Spor for Healthy Life Community
 Boxing Community Chess Community
Bridge Community Spor and Media Community
Climbing Community Step, Aerobic and Zumba Community
Electronic Sports Community Underwater Sports Community
Golf Community Life Saving in the Water and Swimming Community
Handball and Beach Handball Community Tennis Community
Rock Climbing Community Volleyball and Beach Volley Community
Protected Football Community Sailing Community
Table Tennis Community


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