Akdeniz University International Relations Office

Activity Areas
  • To make a contribution to a general increase in the quality of youth work,
  • To organize activities and produce resources designed to increase public awareness of young people and youth work through sustainable development and ecology, and through the development of an eco-friendly approach,
  • To make a contribution to the public debate on the development of youth policy,
  • To promote the use of non-formal education methods in youth work, and to contribute to the development of a non-formal education approach in formal education,
  • To work towards greater inclusion of disadvantaged young people into youth work,
  • To conduct research, and to prepare publications and informative tools in the field of youth matters and youth work,
  • To contribute to intercultural dialogue, and to encourage cultural cooperation between young people from different cultures,
  • To establish an electronic communications network in cooperation with national and international academic units working in the field of youth matters and youth organizations,
  • To encourage young people to behave in a way which is beneficial to humanity; to be investigative, creative and integrative, and to work towards an improvement in their capacity to participate voluntarily in the life of the community,
  • To encourage young people to spend their leisure time in a way which is compatible with their interests, wishes and abilities, as well as providing guidance with their social, cultural, artistic and sports activities,
  • To contribute to the development of the social aspects of the personalities of young people,
  • To increase the knowledge and skills of young people with regard to their interests and abilities,
  • To help young people deal with their problems, and to provide mentoring and advice to them,
  • To conduct research on the development of youth policies, as well as the social, economic, legal and cultural aspects of those policies, and to publish the results
  • To initiate activities such as; national and international conferences, symposia, colloquiums, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other works and activities as they affect the development of youth policies, and to address the social, economic, legal and cultural aspects of those policies,
  • To make available publications on issues that will serve to achieve the objectives of the Centre,
  • To establish cooperative relationships, and to engage in activities and joint projects designed to pursue the purpose of the Centre in concert with national and international, public, civil or private agencies, as well as organizations which operate in fields relevant to the purposes of the Centre.
  • To organize all kinds of training programmes designed to develop the capacities of young people,
  • To conduct research on national and international issues related to youth work, and to carry out the necessary coordination for the realization of other projects, as well as providing support for those projects,
  • To create a documentation centre which can be a source of information, and an archive related to youth work,
  • To provide consultancy services and expert testimony, and to conduct similar activities within the framework of higher education legislation and the regulations of Akdeniz University,
  • To take advantage of local and foreign experts for the purposes of conducting research, as well as the study and realization of training activities relevant to the purposes of the Centre,
  • To engage in any other kind of activity that is relevant to the purposes of the Centre,
  • To apply for and carry out national and international projects to include disadvantaged young people in the life of the community through artistic activities such as dance, music and theatre.

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