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EDUCATHE+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

Educathe+ (e+): International Strategic Partnership 2015-2017

PROJECT: EDUcational THEatre as a place to raise inclusion and employability of people with disabilities

DURATION: November 2015 – October 2017

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 112 participants from seven European countries


The Association for the Prevention of stigmatization and education theatre (UPSET, Zagreb, Croatia); Politistiko Somateio Proothisis Theatrikis kai Kinimatografikis Texnis Aratos of Soleus (Aratos; Thessaloniki, ​​Greece); Akdeniz University (Akdeniz, Antalya, Turkey); Organization of culture, education and advice in Networks -NGO (OCEAN; Athens, Greece); Theatre Tsvete (Tsvete; Sofia, Bulgaria); Associazione Diversamente (ADM; Syracuse, Italy); GC De Zeyp (DE ZEYP; Brussels, Belgium); Integrācijas inkubators (I + I, Ventspils, Latvia)

Project managers:
Leila Younis & Ivan Hromatko, Vasilis Tsikaras, Rabia Vezne, Dimitra Katsidonioti-Skoufi, Tsvete Yaneva, Ivo Peteers, Massimo Caltavuturo, Marina Dimitrova


“Educational theater as a place to raise inclusion and employability of people with disabilities” – or short – “Educathe +” or “e +” is an international strategic partnership of organizations active in the field of adult education. The project was developed on the basis of an international workshop of inclusive theatre “Educathe” that was designed as a drama-action workshop model, which was developed by Ivan Hromatko in his PhD thesis.

The coordinator of the partnership is UPSET (Zagreb, Croatia), in partnership participate Áratos (Salona, ​​Greece), Akdeniz (Antalya, Turkey); OCEAN NGO (Athens, Greece), Tsveta (Sofia, Bulgaria), ADM (Syracuse, Italy), DE ZEYP (Brussels, Belgium) and I + I (Ventspils, Latvia).

During the project it is planned eight workshops that will last 40 days. The workshops will be attended by 112 people from seven countries and eight cities in Europe.

More about the project can be found on the official Erasmus + platform project results or on the official page of the project “E+ Platform” which serves as a free platform for sharing experiences, skills and knowledge as well as a repository for work materials, tools and all other products of the partnership.

E+ Platform is an open source tool produced by partners of the Educathe+ (Educational theatre as the place of raising inclusion and employability of people with disability) and financed by Erasmus+, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

As the partnership develops, various tools for working with and for people with disability will be uploaded to the E+ platform, or E+ Toolbox:

  • E+ Partnership documents
  • E+ Educational videos
  • E+ Documentary
  • E+ Evaluation results and materials

You are welcome to freely use the materials and tools from the E+ Platform for educational purposes – keeping in mind the well being and integrity of individuals who might appear in media materials and tools (e.g. photos, videos).

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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