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Make a Difference, Add a Value to the Local

“ Make a Difference, Add a Value to the Local” Project under the Promoting Youth Employment in Sectoral Investment Areas (EuropeAid/133936/M/ACT/TR) Grant Scheme is granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The project will be carried between 1st of March, 2016 and 1st of March, 2017.

Project objectives are; improving the main abilities and skills of 30 young people which will increase the potential of employment in tourism and providing attendance of 30 young girls living in Adrasan but not having regular income to ecologic product development training and labour force by revealing the cultural values and by protecting the environment.

Target groups are young people who are at the age of 17-29, live in Adrasan, graduated from secondary school or left school early, work part time in tourism sector, do not have skills to work in tourism regularly and especially young girls who get married early and do not go to school because of family, economic and social reason, and disabled young people.

Main activities are:

  1. Vocational educations of 3 month cookery and 3 month ecologic product development
  2. 2-month Tourism English Education for 60 young people.
  3. Education of general skills for 60 young for 5 days
  4. Education of entrepreneurship: making business plan and utilizing from the funds like KOSGEB etc. for 5 days for 30 young
  5. Apprenticeship Training of 30 young people for 30 days
  6. 12-month guidance and consulting service for 180 young people
  7. Guidance Booklet of Young Workers in Tourism Sector
  8. 2 Agro Tourism Seminars for 200 people
  9. 2 days gourmet talks and creating menu as per Adrasan’a Tat Kat Days
  10. Study Visit to Ayvalık for setting samples of research, analysing, promotion and practice of local products
  11. Setting up regional product market

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