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Theatre Pitching for Employment

Anyone who as looked for a job knows that a big part of getting a job is presentation at the job interview. And performance comes with practice. Theatre practices and exercises that go beyond that which is deemed “normal” in everyday life and enable us to take the meta-position toward presentations of self are “natural tools” for improving individual’s presentation and, thus, employability. Theatre enables us to see how one presents him/herself, to become aware of our body, voice, gestures, posture and thousands of other details – all of which can make or break the job interview. And being able to present yourself in front of an audience, in a fast changing format and in English language is an experience which develops personal skills, motivates and empowers participants for the labour market.

This partnership for adult, non-formal education aims to achieve educational goals by use of theatre practices and the so-called pitching. The participants will be taught to “pitch” (present) themselves in a better way and to pitch their ideas (projects) that will be beneficial for integration and inclusion efforts in the EU. It is a fruitful and holistic partnership of NGO’s, public cultural organisations, tertiary education institutions and organisations working with/for the unemployed.

The project aims to host 7 educational theatre workshops with 84 participants from 6 countries, including people with disability and those with fewer opportunities, such as the unemployed youth, Roma or migrants. They will join the inclusive education, share methods of working in non-formal and formal education by means of theatre.

The workshops will end with 7 Pitching Forums. These forums will serve as training and presentation grounds for participants and also as places for promotion of new project ideas about the EU inclusion.

Coming up to the Pitching Forums, participants will take their place in an educational workshop where they will learn to present themselves and their ideas/projects in a more effective way – which will help their soft-skills and employability. Workshops will all be different, as every partner has a different method of work and sharing will improve both professional knowledge of the educators/ staff and motivate learners (especially those from risk groups). Methods range from drama-action model designed for a PhD to use of puppets and Theatre of the Crumb; invisible theatre and other methods used in exploration, learning and dissemination/ presentation of results; and they will include tools for project development and presentation.

By participating in this project, participants from 6 Europe’s countries will learn the skills of presentation (pitching) and their soft–skills (social and civic competences, cultural awareness and expression, English language etc.) and then present their skills to the audience in a Pitching forum. In other words, they will significantly develop their transversal and presentational skills – all the while developing the human resources of involved partner organisations. All pitching forums will be recorded for archives and also broadcast live online – thus, enhancing the promotional, visibility and dissemination capacity of the project. Upon return to their home towns, the participants will give a follow-up presentation/workshop and present their new knowledge and experience in their local community. They will also use this opportunity to pitch their project for inclusion in the EU.

As all partners have years of experience in the similar field of work, the project will have immediate impact on participants and also the audience and our beneficiaries (4000). It will raise their EU Key Competences and improve English, presentational and social skills and bring cultural awareness. Beside the immediate educational impact, the project will produce e-Manual, various printed materials (both educational and promotional), photo gallery, videos from all workshops, live broadcasts from Pitching Forums (free and open to anyone) – and all educational material will be shared on EPALE, SALTO, ENCC and VALOR platforms.

In the long run, the project will be the start of the Theatre Pitching Forums Network which will be self-sustainable, include adult learners and promote active citizenship, inclusion of people with disability and other marginalized groups and citizens (Roma, unemployed, migrants) and serve as platforms of entrepreneurship: motivating individuals and sharing projects of interest for the whole Europe and employability of its citizens.

Son Güncelleme : 9 June Tuesday 2020