Akdeniz University International Relations Office

Free Mover Incoming Students

Terms and Conditions

Students who have completed at least one academic semester, excluding the preparatory class in a higher education institution abroad, and who want to come to our University within the scope of the Free Mover Program must;

-apply to the International Relations Office between the dates announced in the academic calendar of Akdeniz university,

-obtain a student visa before coming to Turkey,

-have their travel and health insurances,

-afford all their own expenses including accommodation, transportation etc.

-prepare the documents to be submitted to our university in English or Turkish language (documents that require translation must be submitted together with the original and notarized translation).

-have a language proficiency certificate according to the courses offered by the Unit where he/she will study. (at least C1 level Turkish if the future program provides education in Turkish, and at least B1 level English proficiency certificate if it provides education in English),

-pay the tuition fee determined for International Students (for internship in the field of health that have clinical practice at our university, tuition fees is equal to the minimum wage for each month).

-pay the tuition fee to IBAN number specified for Free mover Programme

-choose appropriate courses accepted by the Executive Boards in the relevant Unit..

Within the scope of the Free Mover Program, students are not awarded diploma or degree. At the end of the semester/year, the transcript showing the courses taken within the scope of Free Mover is delivered by the relevant Unit, and the participation certificate is delivered by the Free Mover Institution Coordinator.

Application Process

A student who wants to study at Akdeniz University via Free Mover Program must follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Fill in the application form and learning agreement on the website of the International Relations Office.

Step 2:

While preparing the Learning Agreement, you may select the courses from both the Main Catalogue and the English Course Catalogue.

Please view the catalogues:

Main Catalogue (Info Pack)

English Course Catalogue

Step 3 :

Send the documents listed below via e-mail to (freemover@akdeniz.edu.tr)

Free Mover Application Form

Learning Agreement


-Language Proficiency Document


-Europass CV

Step 4:

Free Mover Institutional Coordinator sends the student’s application request to the relevant faculty/institute.

Step 5:

If the relevant unit accepts the student as a Free Mover at Akdeniz University, the Free Mover Institutional Coordinator sends the student a letter of acceptance.

Step 6:

The student who pays the year/semester tuition fee is registered by the relevant Unit.

Bank Account Info:

Bank Name: TC Ziraat Bankası Akdeniz Üniversitesi Şubesi

IBAN NO:  TR650001002167405079305723

Receiver: Akdeniz Üniversitesi Strateji Geliştirme Daire Başkanlığı

Swift Code/ BIC Code:   TCZBTR2A

Note: While paying the tuition fee, please write your full name and surname along with your Passport Number.

*After the payment, send your bank receipt to freemover@akdeniz.edu.tr

Step 7:

Come to Akdeniz University and visit the International Relations Office first.

Address: Akdeniz University Campus, Rectorate Building (Rektörlük), 6.th Floor Pınarbaşı, Konyaaltı Antalya/TURKEY

We only serve on weekdays. Please have an appointment before coming.
working hours: 8.30-12.00



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