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EuroMaster European Joint Master’s Programme

The M.A. European Studies Hamburg-Antalya is a joint master’s degree programme operated by Akdeniz University and Hamburg University. All courses taken by students in the first two semesters are at Akdeniz University, followed by courses at Hamburg University or another university in Germany in the third semester.

The programme receives funding from both DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), which is the German Academic Exchange Service, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The M.A. in European Studies is designed to produce graduates in specialised subjects at a level sufficient to take up management positions in the fields of scientific political consultation and social organisations, trade unions, industrial enterprises, international organizations and organizations active in Europe, as well as in management pyramid and transnational institutions.

Students who want to follow academic careers will be able to apply to PhD programmes in universities either in Turkey or in the European Union.

General Framework

The M.A. in European Studies is a two year joint master’s programme. It is an interdisciplinary programme which includes political science, economy and law, and includes modules in three languages; English, Turkish, and German. The M.A. European Studies uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and, according to the ECTS, students should complete a total of 120 credits. Of this total 84 credits will be completed during the three semesters of the course, 12 credits will be completed in a 3-month training course, and 18 credits will be gained through a master’s thesis over a period of 3 months. Under normal circumstances the third semester should be spent abroad. However, if students do not have the financial resources to study abroad and no scholarship is provided, exceptions can be made.

Scientific Preparation

Scientific Preparation starts during the Autumn Semester every year. Students from other fields, or students whose level of German is not adequate will be required to take a preparation class. The aim of the preparation class, which continues over two semesters for a total of 570 teaching hours, is for students to reach level A2 in German. Students who are successful in the preparation class can continue directly into the EuroMaster programme.


Programme consists of 10 modules:

Module 1: European Integration (16 Credits)

Module 2: Labour and Social Relations in Europe (12 Credits)

Module 3: Europe in the World Order (12 Credits)

Module 4: Project Groups with Advisor (8 Credits)

Module 5: Language Lessons (18 Credits)

Module 6: Research Methods (4 Credits)

Module 7: Applicable Skills (4 Credits)

Module 8: Optional Modules Lessons (16 Credits)

Module 9: Internship (3 months) (12 Credits)

Module 10: Thesis (3 months) (18 Credits)

Study Abroad

Students will spend their third semester studying at Hamburg University or another German University within the framework of the Erasmus Programme after completing their two semesters of studies at Akdeniz University.

Ankara and Brussels Trips

The programme includes an opportunity for students make a study trip to Ankara where they can visit Turkish ministries, the Office of the European Commission Representative, and some NGOs.

A one-week trip to Brussels is also included in the programme, the purpose of which is to make students aware of the different career opportunities available to them in European institutions. During the trip there will be meetings with representatives of NGOs, trade unions and employers’ organizations. As a result of the trip students will acquire knowledge and information which can inform their career decisions derived from the opportunity to make contacts with institutions, and to broaden their horizons.

The trips are subject to an additional charge.

Language of Education

The programme includes modules with teaching in three languages. In the first and second semesters all compulsory lessons are in English.  The third semester includes lessons in English and German. Some lessons are in Turkish.

Language Lessons

During the first and second semesters students will take part in English and German language lessons at different levels according to their language ability.

Intercultural Skills

The Programme is aimed not only at students who are interested in the European Union, but also at international students who have an interest in European studies.  The intercultural interaction will be strengthened through working in a group. Students will also develop their intercultural skills through their studies and training in another country, and as part of their trip abroad.


The Degree awarded at the conclusion of the Programme has the name; “Master of Arts in European Studies”. Students will receive a joint degree diploma with a signature from both Hamburg University and Akdeniz University.

Project Groups with Advisor

In the second semester, students will study an analytic question which they will choose in cooperation with a group of 3-4 students under the supervision of advisor lecturer.


Each student will benefit from a three-month internship in a country the native language of which is different from the student’s own. (If the internship is with an international institution or a European ministry, exceptions can be made)

Master’s Thesis

All students will be allowed three months in which to write write a Master’s thesis on a topic they choose under the supervision of a lecturer from both Hamburg University and Akdeniz University.

For more information: http://euromaster.akdeniz.edu.tr/en


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