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The Dual Turkish-German Master Degree Program in International Material Flow Management

The concept of Material Flow management aims the development of efficiency and productivity strategies of energy using and the raw material using between sectors. By establishing a network among sectors, to increase the values of regional raw material resources (wastes) is included in this concept. In other words, the waste generated by one sector could be the raw material resources for the other sectors. To manage and to direct the flow,  to create and increase value added, to create new business areas are the foundation of material flow management.

The German-Turkish IMAT Dual Master Degree Program offers interesting insights into the environmental technologies and policy approaches of Germany , one of the most advanced countries in these fields. The students gain the unique opportunity to study the first year at the Akdeniz University (AKD) in Turkey followed by the second year at the unique Environmental Campus Birkenfeld in Germany.

Within the 2-year study program the student will obtain a sound knowledge on the technical aspects of transforming a material-throughput-society into a sustainable Circular Economy. The management and implementation of innovative and efficient environmental technology systems in the fields of energy, waste, water, agriculture, and transportation for private households, industries, and regions constitute the core of the study program .

We aim to educate generalised engineers being capable of designing new technology and management strategies as well as communicating the economic, ecological and social aspects to the involved stakeholders. Besides the hard-skills in technology management, essential intercultural soft-skills such as communication, presentation, and intercultural knowledge management are trained in small classes. An emphasis is placed to provide or young professionals deeper insights into German and Turkish business, culture and language.
Within the second year the students will experience unique German environmental technologies by visiting several innovative best practice applications and discussing the potential benefits with regional decision marker and company representatives. The young professionals are completing their theoretical knowledge and working hands-on in an internship together with industry partners in international projects. The fourth semester is designed for the completion of the master thesis.
The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under the “German Study Programmes Abroad” programme.

For more information: http://imat.akdeniz.edu.tr/tr


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